World’s Biggest Container Ship Arrives In UK

At the size of almost four football pitches, the size of the largest container ship in the world, the Ever Ace, sister ship to the notorious Ever Given, can be mind-blowing, as spectators who watched its arrival in the UK on Sunday 12 September can testify.

The Ever Given made headlines earlier in the year when it got stuck in the Suez Canal, not the only ship to have run aground in the stretch of water either this year and caused £42 billion of disruption to global trade.

But those who remember seeing the stricken massive container ship in the news will likely be shocked to hear that the Ever Given is the little sister to the Ever Ace, currently at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk.

Over 100 ship fans gathered to watch the arrival of the humungous cargo ship as it entered the mouth of the River Orwell. 

The ship was unloaded by crane before heading to its next destination, Hamburg, on Wednesday 15 September.

It took four powerful tugboats to gently nudge the huge container ship into position in one f the Port of Felixstowe’s deepest berths after its journey across the North Sea from Rotterdam.

The 235,579-tonne vessel, which was built last year for Taiwan based shipping company Evergreen Marine, is 400m (1,312ft) long and 61.5m (201ft) wide.

The vessel dwarfs the 1,250ft high Empire State Building in New York or the 1,063ft high Eiffel Tower in Paris and can carry nearly 24,000 shipping containers, which if placed end to end would soar almost 91 miles into the sky. It is believed that it would take 1,400 jumbo jets to flay the ship’s cargo instead of by sea.

The Ever Ace also made it through the Suez Canal without incident on its first try at the end of August this year, after being launched on its maiden voyage from the Qingdao Port in Shandong in China in July.

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