Post ImageShipping Giant’s Profits Rise Five-Fold Amid Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Danish shipping firm Maersk has reported record pre-tax profits of $5.9bn for the July to September period, according to the BBC.

Post ImageWhat Are The Different Kinds Of Ro-Ro Ships?

Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) ships are designed to carry vehicles or other wheeled cargo. They were first developed in the 19th century to transport trains across rivers which were not yet spanned by suitable railway bridges. They are used today to transport military and civilian vehicles, and commercial cargo overseas. Ro-Ro vessels are efficient for shipping vehicles, […]

Post ImageHow Can Shipping Help Meet Net Zero Targets?

With the CO26 summit covering a wide array of topics, it appears almost nothing is off the table when it concerns finding ways of lowering emissions.

Post ImageSupply Chain Crisis Predicted To Last Till 2023

The UK’s biggest port operator has warned that the global supply chain crisis could potentially last until 2023.

Post ImageMajor Retail Companies Pledge To Use Zero Emissions Shipping

Major retail and manufacturing companies have pledged to choose net-zero carbon shipping by 2040 as part of a new cargo owner-led initiative.

Post ImageSmaller Ports ‘Benefiting’ From Global Supply Chain Disruption

Smaller ports around the UK, such as Liverpool, are currently benefiting from global supply chain disruption, as suppliers now look for alternative routes for cargoes.

Post ImageHow Did The Cape Of Good Hope Get Its Name?

How the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula got its name is a battle of warring superstitions in the Age of Sail.

Post ImageShipping Industry Unveil Bold Low-Carbon Plans

The organisation that represents the majority of the global shipping industry has submitted bold plans for net-zero carbon shipping by the middle of the century.

Post ImageWhat Is The Busiest Shipping Lane In The World?

You might be surprised to learn that the answer is much closer to home than you thought...

Post ImageMaersk Reroutes Ships To Other Ports

Felixstowe port authorities on Wednesday 13 October said that there are 50,000 containers pending collection from the port.

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