Post ImageThe Most Famous Heavy Items Ever Shipped

One of the most unique aspects of heavy equipment shipping is the sheer amount of preparation, care and planning that goes into a major move.

Post ImageMaersk Introduces Ship-Charging Buoys At Ports

Maersk has announced plans to install hundreds of offshore charging stations around the world to supply vessels with electricity to power themselves

Post ImageWrecked Wartime Cargo Ship Draws Tourists

The wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery off the coast of Sheerness in Kent is drawing extra visitors, after plans for its partial removal were revealed.

Post ImageThe Panama Canal and Suez Canal: How They Compare

As every marine shipping agency will attest, both have long played huge roles in the global economy and continue to do so.

Post ImageAll You Need to Know About Roll-on/Roll-off Car Shipping

Roll-on/roll-off, or RORO, is a type of shipping that is typically used for the transportation of heavy machinery such as vehicles, that can be moved onto a ship via a ramp.

Post ImageInvestors Rush To Purchase Oil

The oil freight industry is set to be busy in 2022, as investors are flocking back to the oil market, purchasing at the fastest speed for over a year.

Post ImageMaersk Knocked Off ‘World’s Largest Container Line’ Spot

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has overtaken Maersk, from Denmark, to become the world’s largest shipping line.

Post ImagePreparing A Motorhome For Transport

Here’s a brief guide to preparing your motorhome for shipping.

Post ImageThe Complexities In Shipping Works Of Art Around The World

Sea freight is a vital part of many industries, with containers and heavy machinery shipping often a vital part of the industrial process.

Post ImageWhat Are The Most Used Shipping Routes?

Whilst there are vast oceans that could be used for heavy equipment shipping from one location to another, there have, over time, become vital arteries for global trade.

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