Post ImageWhat Is The World’s Longest Shipping Canal?

16th September 2021

The Suez Canal which runs through Egypt is one of the most well-known shipping routes in the world, but it is not the largest man-made waterway.

Post ImageWhat Was The Most Important Invention In Modern Freight?

10th September 2021

Despite being one of humanity’s first great inventions, boats remained remarkably similar until very recently in our history.

Post ImageShipping Container Shortages May Last Until Christmas

2nd September 2021

The bottlenecks in the global shipping freight system could last until Christmas, a report in The Guardian warns.

Post ImageBIFA Launches New CDS Training Course

25th August 2021

The BIFA has announced it launching a new online training course to help prepare its members and others to operate HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

Post ImageEnvironmentalists Urge Retail Giants To Tackle Ocean Freight Polluters

5th August 2021

A report from the groups urged the US government to go above and beyond the pledge made in April that requires the ocean freight industry to be emissions-free by 2050,

Post ImageThe Ever Given Finally Arrives In Rotterdam

1st August 2021

After spending 100 days either stuck or being detained in the Suez Canal, the Ever Given has finally arrived at its destination in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Post ImageWhen Was The First Multimodal Shipping Container Invented?

31st July 2021

The invention of the standard multimodal shipping container transformed the freight industry, by allowing goods to be easily transferred from one mode of transport to the other,

Post ImageWhere Did Shipping Containers Come from?

30th July 2021

Everyone will know what a shipping container looks like, as they are a common sight on the back of lorries, stacked up at ports, and in city centres converted into trendy shopping hubs.

Post ImageWhat Are International Waters?

29th July 2021

International waters are a concept that is often discussed but is also just as often misunderstood by people outside of marine industries.

Post ImageDeal Agreed To Release Ship That Blocked Suez Canal

20th July 2021

The container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in March will be released by the Egyptian authorities, after a compensation deal was agreed with the vessel’s owners and insurers.

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