Post ImageWhat Is The Busiest Shipping Lane In The World?

27th October 2021

You might be surprised to learn that the answer is much closer to home than you thought...

Post ImageMaersk Reroutes Ships To Other Ports

24th October 2021

Felixstowe port authorities on Wednesday 13 October said that there are 50,000 containers pending collection from the port.

Post ImageMaersk: Port Congestion To Continue Through Q4

20th October 2021

Shipping giant Maersk has given a market update on the current challenging global logistics situation, predicting that the port congestion and supply chain bottlenecks are to continue throughout the remainder of 2021.

Post ImageBifa Launches Campaign To Promote A Career In Forwarding

15th October 2021

Bifa, the UK freight forwarding association, has launched a new campaign to encourage its members to work with schools and colleges in logistics, forwarding and the supply chain.

Post ImageHow Suez Rode Out The Ever Given Storm

12th October 2021

The Suez Canal has probably made more headlines this year than any other since 1956, with the crisis this time not being about a military confrontation, but a ship almost nobody had heard of until March getting stuck.

Post ImageRetailers Charter Extra Ships To Beat Christmas Shortages

11th October 2021

Retailers such as John Lewis have chartered a fleet of extra ships to try and get ahead of the mounting disruption in the logistics industry.

Post ImageWorld’s Biggest Container Ship Arrives In UK

27th September 2021

Find out more about the Ever Ace right here.

Post ImageSea Freight Struggles With Container Ship Shortage

23rd September 2021

New shipping capacity is forecast to reach record levels by 2023, as the post-pandemic recovery steams ahead

Post ImageShipping Giant Orders Eight Carbon-Neutral Container Vessels

22nd September 2021

Shipping and logistics giant Maersk has ordered eight large carbon-neutral ocean-going container ships

Shipping to Riga, Latvia & Baltic Shipping Klaipeda from the UK
Post ImageWhy Was The Suez Canal First Built?

21st September 2021

The man-made canal was officially opened in November 1869. Before it was built, cargo ships had to make their way around the South Atlantic and African continent.

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