Post ImageWhat Was The World’s Heaviest Cargo Delivery?

Whilst we primarily associate sea freight with one particular size and type of cargo, one of the aspects of shipping that make sending cargo by sea so versatile is that, unlike air freight, gravity does not have as limiting an effect.

Post ImageWhat Are The Most Shipped Items In The World?

Here are some of the most shipped items in the world.

Post ImageHow Did Roll-On Roll-Off Shipping Begin?

Roll-on roll-off shipping (Ro-Ro) is a term used to describe a method of shipping where vehicles are driven straight aboard the vessel, rather than being lifted on and off with a crane.

Post ImageHow A Frustrated HGV Driver Transformed Shipping Forever

When it comes to modern heavy machine shipping, thre is one innovation that completely changed the game and made the modern fast-paced world of sea freight logistics possible.

Post ImageThe Basics Of Heavy Equipment Shipping

Whether you’re transporting machines for an assembly line, industrial robots, or plant machinery and vehicles, you will want to ensure that your products arrive in good condition.

Post ImageThe History Of The Supply Chain And How Heavy Sea Freight Changed It Forever

Supply chains have existed since the earliest civilisations, although before the development of mass transportation, long-distance transportation was limited to selling finished goods

Post ImageTop Tips When Shipping Heavy Items Or Equipment

Typically, pretty much every sellable item around the world can fit inside a shipping container, whether this takes the form of a 20ft or 40ft unit.

Post ImageShipping Giant’s Profits Rise Five-Fold Amid Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Danish shipping firm Maersk has reported record pre-tax profits of $5.9bn for the July to September period, according to the BBC.

Post ImageHow Can Shipping Help Meet Net Zero Targets?

With the CO26 summit covering a wide array of topics, it appears almost nothing is off the table when it concerns finding ways of lowering emissions.

Post ImageSupply Chain Crisis Predicted To Last Till 2023

The UK’s biggest port operator has warned that the global supply chain crisis could potentially last until 2023.

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