Post ImageImportance Of Cleaning Plant Machinery Before Transportation

24th November 2023

It is essential agricultural companies thoroughly clean plant machinery before sea freight, as soil can carry lots of pests and diseases to another country.

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Post ImageThe Most Unusual Items Shipped Via Sea Freight

16th November 2023

The greatest part of containerisation and the sea freight industry is that practically anything can be shipped anywhere in the world, including these oddities.

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Post ImageWhat Did The BBC Box Teach The World About Shipping?

30th October 2023

Amongst the huge amounts of containers and equipment being shipped in 2008 and 2009, one box was part of a BBC experiment to explore just how far freight goes.

Post ImageHow To Ship Construction Equipment Overseas

26th October 2023

Transporting large equipment abroad can be a challenge, but when it comes to shipping construction machinery, the best way to do this is on freight ships.

Post ImageFreight Forwarding: Industry Insights

12th October 2023

Explore the world of freight forwarding and its impact on agriculture, oil & gas, manufacturing and more in this comprehensive, insightful, industry guide.

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Post ImageUK And France Announce Seafarers’ Charter

7th August 2023

The UK and France have launched a new Seafarers’ Charter to establish fairer working conditions for the sea-going employees of maritime shipping companies.

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Post Image£34m Funding Boost For Cleaner Shipping Solutions

31st July 2023

The drive to decarbonise the UK shipping industry took another step forward recently, as the UK government pledged a further £34 million of project funding.

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Post ImageHow Are International Waters And Maritime Zones Regulated?

20th July 2023

International waters are the water bodies that lie beyond territorial boundaries. These seas and oceans are managed by a framework of rules and regulations.

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Post ImageWhat Are The Current Trends In The Shipping Industry?

12th July 2023

The maritime industry is particularly sensitive to geopolitical events, and the past few years have certainly brought fresh challenges. Here are some of the latest trends.

Post ImageWhat Are The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Supersized Cargo Vessels?

28th June 2023

Supersized vessels are increasingly used for container shipping. There is some debate as to just how beneficial these megaships are to the maritime industry.

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