£60m Funding Boost For Green Shipping Technologies

The UK government has announced that £60m of extra funding will be made available to help boost the innovation of new green shipping technologies. In a recent press release, the Department for Transport outlined plans to help the maritime sector achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 

The funds will be made available to companies in 12 regions around the UK to research and develop state of the art methods of supplying greener shipping solutions. 

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Our maritime sector imports 95% of goods into the UK and contributes £116 billion to our economy – more than both aviation and rail combined. With growing the economy one of the government’s top priorities, we must continue our efforts to ensure the UK remains a pioneer in cutting-edge clean maritime solutions.”  

One recent example of cleaner sea travel has been developed by Artemis Technologies of Belfast. The company has designed a vessel which travels over the surface of the water and produces no harmful emissions. They will work on scaling up the technology to enable it to be used by commercial shipping companies.

CEO at Artemis Technologies Dr Iain Percy OBE said: “The clean maritime demonstration competition is key to unlocking those innovations across the region that will transport the UK towards a more sustainable future and we are thrilled that it has once again recognised the integral role Artemis Technologies can play.”

He added: “With this latest round of funding, we are emboldened to advance our green technology projects, develop world-leading clean vessels for our seas, and continue on our mission to lead the decarbonisation of maritime.”

CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping Sarah Treseder said: “Congratulations to all the successful bids, which cover a wide range of technologies and aspects of shipping.”

She added: “The UK Chamber of Shipping is committed to net zero by 2050. This funding is an important milestone in ensuring we continue to work together to achieve this important target and will help us complete the journey from theory to reality for zero emission shipping.”

The government has also announced further funding for a new Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition. The successful candidates must demonstrate how their ideas could be translated into the launch of a zero emission vessel within two years. 

The ZEVI competition will be run by Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency. 

Innovate UK Executive Director for Net Zero Mike Biddle said: “This latest £77 million investment in clean maritime innovation is another major milestone in the delivery of the wider UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) programme to accelerate the transition to net zero.”

He added: “Innovate UK will work closely with the Department for Transport in delivering the Zero Emission Vessel and Infrastructure competition, resulting in multi-year real world demonstrations of clean maritime technologies around the UK.”

The government is also seeking to establish a Green Maritime Research Hub, which will encourage partnerships between academia and industry.

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